Town of Windsor

Moe Engineering, Inc. has provided civil engineering services to the Town of Windsor since 2005, including design of CIP projects for streets, pathways, and storm drainage infrastructure. We are also supporting Public Works staff with encroachment permit processing and development review.

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City of Belvedere

Moe Engineering, Inc. serves as the City Engineer (since 2011), providing on-call municipal engineering services such as CIP project management, design of CIP projects for streets and storm drainage infrastructure, and survey mapping review. Moe Engineering performs administrative support duties for the Public Works Manager, and attends City Council meetings at the request of the City. We are currently working on projects for the 2016/2017 CIP project calendar.

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City of Cotati

Moe Engineering, Inc. has assisted the City’s Department of Public Works with civil design and staff support since 2014.

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2950 Montecito Ave.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

RCE C 48460, PLS 8400